Tuesday, June 10, 2014

This month, I am hosting my first "What's the Purpose?" challenge at Flying Unicorn! As you know, we throw so much away that can be repurposed for something useful AND attractive! This challenge is all about finding some item in your house that you would normally toss into the garbage and to redesign it's original purpose into something that is useful for you or that you could gift to someone else. My first example is a small candle box that I painted and papered in beautiful Graphic 45 Secret Garden. I can use this for storage of small items like buttons or trinkets or use it for a gift box. It is really incredible all of the amazing items that can be made new again with a little ingenuity and some great supplies.
Here are some more photos of the sides of the box...

 There are even a couple of pockets on the sides that I can use as labels or for little sentiments.
 Another example of some items I repurposed are jars. The larger one was originally artichoke hearts and with a good scrubbing and some pretty embellishments, it is now a house for extra trims and ribbons in my craft room. The other smaller jar was an idea hatched out of sheer necessity. I use a lot of glue and I was tired of waiting for it to flow to the tip, so now I keep it upside-down in this pretty jar and it is always at the ready. I love the fact that I can personalize almost anything with my craft supplies - just because it's pragmatic doesn't mean it can't be pretty.
 Here is my last example of a pretty wine bottle (I bought it for the bottle and ended up throwing out the wine because it was yucky) that I repurposed for a pretty bud vase. Even when not in use, I love how it looks in my craft room along with my other items.
So for this challenge, create an item that you would have normally thrown away and tell us what its new-found purpose is.
Challenge closes on June 30th at 8:00 pm and all other challenge rules apply
Here is the beautiful RAK that will be given to the winner at the end of the challenge.
I hope you join in the fun and in the process make something that can serve you in a new and creative way!

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  1. Omg Lainie! I save stuff I'd normally throw out all the time now :) I rip chunks of corrugated boxes for scrapping, odd containers, jars and bottles. LOVE the glue idea. I think I'll steal that one ;)

    Lovely pieces, thanks for the inspo :)