Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Hi, it's Lainie here for Flying Unicorn MMU - hang on to your hats, this is a step-by-step process of creating a wonderful prop that can be used through Halloween or if you just want an interesting altered vase. I really love authentic looking props and this one is just so fun!  I first started out by selecting a bottle that suits the shape I am looking for.
In the October Kit of the Month, a very cool rose mold by WOW was included, along with some lightweight molding medium. I remembered a video that I had watched on YouTube a while ago that used similar molded faces on a bottle and I decided I wanted to try something similar.  I cannot tell you how easy the roses were to make - it literally took me ten minutes to create about 35 roses!
 You just press this stuff in the mold, they release easily, and then you let them dry overnight.
When the roses were dry, I started on the bottle using one of the Golden mediums included in the kit. For this bottle, I used the Regular Gel (semi-gloss.) I simply applied a thick coat in a downward swiping motion with a palette knife - a butter knife would work also.
I really wanted the textural vertical lines. There really is no right way to do this - the idea is to just create a lot of texture.

While the gel medium is still wet apply the roses in a pattern all over the bottle. I tended to stagger them, creating almost a polka dot pattern.
The medium dries clear and strongly adheres the roses to the bottle
The next step is to cover the bottle completely with black paint. I used Ayeeda black paint for this to give it a nice matte finish. The texture really starts to appear now.
Make certain that you paint underneath the flowers and cover up any and all white.
Now the fun begins. I really wanted a finish similar to a scarab beetle so I decided to use Silks paints in 4 colors. I started with the Rich Cobalt, then the Snap Dragon, the Iris Petal and lastly the Olive Vine. I let them dry between each application of color to get the glazes to layer and play off one another. If you don't let them dry, the colors will get muddy.
This is what the color looks like - so much depth and light play!
For a finishing touch to the paint, I applied Viva Décor Inka Gold with my finger to highlight the roses and some of the texture on the bottle.
My fingers looked like I had the Midas touch - heehehe!
For an extra authenticating detail, I added a chain with plenty of Flying Unicorn Adornments - LOVE them!!!
And here is the final result.
This bottle is so fun to make and I plan to use it on my Halloween table (we do a haunted house in our garage.)
Here are a couple of close-ups showing how I wrapped the chain and added the charms with some O rings.
I really love the effect and I hope you get a chance to try it!
Product List
Silks Acrylic Paints in Rich Cobalt, Snapdragon, Iris Petal and Olive Vine

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  1. So crafty and amazing! WOW!! Lots of work but gorgeous!!!! LOVE it and Halloween!!