Thursday, March 5, 2015

Hi! It's Lainie here with another little tutorial that is fun and quick, but makes a nice shabby/distressed impact. I love making these very dimensional flower wraps used for layering on cards. They can be used on layouts but they can get very bulky.
 Flying Unicorn has some gorgeous lace that would be splendid to use. I start out with about 18-24 inches of lace. Sometimes I will use less depending on the width of the lace and how much I want the flower to layer. It really is intuitive depending on how you want the final flower to look - and you almost can't mess up as long as you don't have too little lace.
 I inked the edges on one side (the side I want to be seen) with Distress Ink.
 Next I use my water bottle to spray the edges and let the color seep inwards into the lace.
 This is how it looks. You don't have to let it dry all the way, but let it dry enough that it is not soaking can be a little damp.
 Thread a needle using some heavier floss. Regular thread might be a little too thin and break.
 Starting at the end of the lace and the side that is not inked, stitch all along the edge and gather it along the way.
 Keep gathering....
 ...until you end up with a rosette (looks like a tutu.) The next step is to close the ends.
 Stitch the two open ends together. If the flower is layered, then put a few stitches through the layers of the flower to keep it together.
 This is what it looks like and is now ready to cover the center hole by adding a flower as a topper.
 Here is a closer look at the lacy flower wrap as the focal point of the card.
  They really take only a few minutes and have such a shabby prettiness.
Thank you!

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