Sunday, March 15, 2015

Welcome to Mid-Month University challenge for Flying Unicorn! I know that we are always looking for quick and easy gifts for different occasions and since both Easter and Mother's Day are quickly approaching, I thought I would make some simple but useful note pads made with post-it pads and some scrappy supplies. The premise is simple - to make a jacket for a little personal desktop or purse notepad.
To start, cut strips of 3x12 inch pieces of paper. Almost all post-it type pads are 3x3 inches, but measure to be sure because sometimes the pads are cut just shy of that or slightly over and you want the edges of your jacket to meet the edges of the pad.
 Next you score the paper widthwise at 3 inches, 3 1/2 inches, 6 1/2 inches, and 7 inches. The excess can be trimmed down to 10 inches in total length.
 Simply fold it at the score marks and you end up with the basic jacket.
 For a couple of the jackets, I decided to use a punch on the overhang of the top flap.
 I trimmed the excess off
 and layered a piece of paper underneath for contrast...but the paper serves another purpose, as well.
I decided to use a small magnet and piece of metal for the closure, so the inside liner of paper houses each piece, sandwiched on the upper and lower flaps.
 Now the magnet is completely hidden but works like magic.
 Then I glued the backside of the post-it pad to the inside center of the jacket, making sure the direction correctly corresponds to the top flap.
It should fit snugly in its new little home.
 The jacket can now easily open and close.
 Lastly, I decorated all of the fronts in pastels and flowers to give as gifts for Easter or Mother's Day
I really hope you enjoy making these!
So, to enter the challenge...
1. All standard rules apply and can be found here.
2. The entry must be new as of March 18th and uploaded to this thread by 8PM EST April 14th.
3. Up to 3 entries are allowed
4. When the winner is announced, he or she will have 7 days to contact Alda.
Good Luck and I can't wait to see your entries!!!

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  1. I love this. Hmmmm, I think my students could make these for Mother's Day Presents! Thanks for the tutorial.