Thursday, April 24, 2014

Hello everyone, it's Lainie here to share with you a card I made for Flying Unicorn using the lovely Authentique Flourish papers with the focal point being fresh, REAL flowers on the card! I thought of this and made a similar card a while back and decided to do a quick visual of the process for you. It is quite simple in that you construct a card as you would normally do, but leave enough space to attach a mini "vase' onto the card.
Some simple guidelines...
you can get the little aquatubes online, at florist shops (check out grocery stores, too) or have someone buy you some flowers!!! I seem to always find a way to recycle all of the packaging when I get flowers.
You can use any flowers you want that have long and thin enough stems.
I used two slim pieces of Velcro on the back of the vase and card to secure it better.
I LOVE the fact that you can remove the vase and refill it with water and fresh flowers. This means that people can display the card indefinitely!
Lastly, I love using fragrant flowers because the card becomes sensory in almost every if only I could learn how to attach a cupcake to it!...heehee...Next tutorial!
Authentique Real Flower Card Supplies List
Found at Flying Unicorn Store
Flourish Collection 12x12 Papers - Bloom, Imprint, and Plume.
Other Supplies
Martha Stewart Cherish Punch
Webster's Pages Washi Tape
Wild Orchid Craft Flowers
Glass Beads
Real Flowers

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