Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Candlestick Wreaths for Flying Unicorn

Hello everyone - today I would like to share a very fun, quick and practical idea using the September Off the Page candlestick included in the Main Kit. I loved the versatility of this project and the simplicity, as well.
The concept is simple. Using the same candlestick that I painted white, I decided that I could change it up seasonally by adding a wreath to the bottom. This can really dress up a table as a lovely centerpiece. I started out by cutting out 5 inch circles and a 2.5 inch circle in the middle, creating a ring. If you don't have a circle cutter, a regular sized bowl can be used for a template and a cup traced in the center and then cut out.
 I used heavier cardstock paper that would coordinate with each seasonal wreath.
 The next step is to simply make one cut to open the ring.
 Then by slightly overlapping the edges and gluing them together, you make a shallow cone.
 This is what it looks like. The further you overlap, the steeper the cone. I wanted them to be relatively low sloped, so I only glued the sides about an inch in.
 Here is the fun part. Gather a bunch of items like flowers, leaves and trim. Work out your design beforehand, and then glue everything down.
 This is what my autumn wreath looked like after I put it all together and before the final touches.
 Lastly, on each wreath, I added a touch of paint and Ayeeda Gold Glitter Paint
 I love the pretty, personalized feel the wreath gives to the candlestick.

 For my Christmas wreath, I followed the same process and glued the items to the wreath frame.
 You can alter the look of the candlestick by switching out a ribbon to match the wreath.
 I used some Ayeeda Matte White Paint and Ayeeda Silver Glitter Paint on here, too.
 I created the last wreath that can be used for summer. This is also an easy idea to create for a wedding table centerpiece using the wedding colors.
 Such a fun and quick way to dress up a candlestick!
Thank you so much for joining us at Flying Unicorn!

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